Orleans Unit Will Head Louisiana Delegation in Los Angeles.

   The 75-piece Crescent City Post Band of the American Legion will make a bid for national fame at the Los Angeles convention of the legion September 19-22, according to plans completed this week by Leonard Denena, band director.

   In addition to heading the Louisiana section of the gigantic legion parade in Los Angeles, the New Orleans legion band will compete with legion bands from every section of the United States for the national band championship.

   Organized in 1929, the Crescent City Post Band has previously competed in six national contests and last year at the New York convention was ranked as the fourth leading legion band in America. Since that time,under the direction of Professor Denena, the band has pointed up for the 1938 championship and its members are determined to carry off first honors, they declared on the eve of their departure for California.

   Director Denena is widely known throughout the United States where band competitions have been held. He is regularly employed as director for Fortier High School Band which under his leadership last year won first honors in the national high school band competition.

   A war veteran and member of the American Legion, Denena has worked day and night to perfect the legion musicians for the national American Legion championship.

Crescent City Post Band Places Third

  Los Angeles, Cal, Sept 19 Crescent City, La. (New Orleans), placed third in the American Legion band competition with 93.6.